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Nov 26

'When we walked into the steakhouse all eyes were on us. I’ve never felt so many people staring at one time while showing no remorse. Some of the stares was hoes hating and tooting up their nose while looking away and the other were from their men. Envy of junior for having me on his arm and upset that their girls wasn’t stepping like I was. The stares didn’t stop until we were seated.'

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Mr. Smooth

Nov. 26

"Having someone to truly listen to you while simply commenting and complementing your brain, your looks, and your presence. To have a man pay attention to something other than my face or my ass… boy did it feel good."

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Single Life

Nov. 27

Being single has its pros and cons. For me, the pros outweigh the cons. It’s probably bad for me to say that, huh? I do not care. Being single gives me the freedom to find out who I truly am.

Image by Iván López

Featured Stories

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Dec. 3

Next thing you know I hear “stand up and let me look at you,” TJ said to me as my dumb ass stood up so he could look at me. I thought that was his way of flirting with me. I sat back down. Then he asked if I could dance.

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Nov. 28

When I arrived at his worn down apartment complex, the security guards wouldn’t let me through the gate. I guess he called and warned them I would be coming. So I left and had my homegirl bring me back. I hid in the backseat. My plan worked, I was in.

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