Mr. Smooth

"Having someone who truly listens to you while simply commenting and complementing your brain, your looks, and your presence. To have a man pay attention to something other than my face or my ass… boy did it feel good."


Mr. Smooth

It was a cold, stormy day in Greensboro, NC. when Mr. Smooth himself approached me in class. I was sitting there running my mouth to Shan and Terri, my homegirls since the 3rd grade. He had this mysterious presence about himself. Tall, dark-skinned, pearly white teeth, and a shoe game that could kill. He was the description of the man that I told the universe I wanted my next man to look like, on my side. 

When he walked up to me, his demeanor told it all, without saying anything. He wanted me. He wanted all of me. I could see it in his dark brown eyes. I could see it in the way he licked his lips at me as he was walking up. I could see it when he made direct eye contact with me, without looking away. He was confident and secure, that was a turn-on, on in its own. 

He said my name and I looked up over the plate of food in front of me. "What’s up Seana, how are you doing today?" "I’m doing well, how do you know my name?" I shot back. Curious to find out what this fine man who looked like nothing but trouble, wanted with me. "I do my research when it comes to things that I want. So, I wanted to know if I could take you out for drinks this Friday night at the Riders Lounge," Mr. Smooth asked. Shan and Terri began to gawk. They were more excited than I was. 

It had been about a year and a half since I really enjoyed the company of another man. They all seemed so boring and uninteresting. No one had really piqued my interest. Yeah, there were good looking men at NCAT, but they didn’t have any substance to them. No direct drive, no talk of the future, and no personality. Sickening, isn’t it? So meeting Reed was probably one of the highlights of this new year. 

Of course, I told him yes. We properly introduced ourselves and exchanged numbers. 

Later that day he called me. Yes, a call. You would’ve thought it was a silent dance party the way I was moving around that bedroom. I had butterflies in my stomach and a smile on my face from ear to ear. 

That day we talked from 7:52 PM until 4:44 AM when I finally dozed off. We talked about our likes and dislikes, interests, turn-offs and turn-ons, taste in music, how it is to be creative and, much more. 

We asked each other questions that would normally take me months to ask my previous partners. But he got all of the information out of me in less than 24 hours. I felt comfortable enough to spill the beans and be transparent and so did he. Now that is a major turn-on. Having someone who truly listens to you while simply commenting and complementing your brain, sense of humor, and your presence. To have a man pay attention to something other than my breast or my ass… boy did it feel good. 

I found out that we had a lot in common. From family dynamics, sex appeals, how we treat others, and much more. We found out each other's insecurities without having to say a word. We connected on a level that I knew was much more than lust. We connected through the thought and want of love. 

January 14th at 4:43 AM was the day I realized I found my future husband. He is going to be the one. 

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