Owner of Amorous Savaj tells us how she made her way into the fashion world and how she manages to maintain


Kamiya Savage

Owner of Amorous Savaj

Let's jump right in, Kamiya. How’d you come up with the name Amorous Savaj?

I knew that I wanted to incorporate my last name which is Savage but that was also around the same time that Rihanna came out with Fenty Savage so I had to put a little twist on it. Savaj is Savage in French and Amorous means love, beautiful, things of that nature. 

The name flows so perfectly, I love the twist. What made you want to become an entrepreneur? A seller of clothes?

A clothing boutique took me a little while to figure out. I wanted to play it safe, at first I just wanted to do swimwear, then I wanted to just do lingerie and then I told myself, instead of holding back, if I’m going to invest in something I might as

well go full throttle and open a boutique. 

What does your clothing sizes range from?

The typical size range between my clothes are anywhere from a small to a large. I have a few plus size items, but I realized that my plus sized items don’t sell as much as the other sizes so I don’t really invest in it as much. I would lose money at that point.

It’s more so based upon your target audience. If you feel you’re capable of catering to every single size and that works for you then go for it, but it doesn’t work out for everyone and I am just one of those people. I have a select market. The conflict comes when they see the outfit on me and think ‘omg I could never put this on.’  It’s not going to look the same. But just dress in your size and how you like and it will all work out. 

Is this a one man band?

Primarily, it is a one man show. From ordering the inventory, sorting it, packaging it, and shipping it but I do have some amazing people in my life such as my girlfriend and my best friend, they do help out a lot when I am out of town. So I do have some assistance when needed but ultimately it’s just me. 

How often do you drop merchandise?

This year has been a little rocky. At first I was doing a drop every Friday. But then I decided to slow it down so that I can get a little more organized within my business and take it one day at a time. Now it’s like every other week I have a new arrival but I’m starting to get back to the every week thing.  I normally sit on about five outfits but that’s because I am trying to strategize on the back end. It takes me a while to actually push out the inventory because organization is key.

So it takes a lot of strategizing that we don’t see on the other side.

Yes, it does. 

From that I have to ask, is there anything we can expect to see with winter here? Any new pieces?

I actually have a few pieces that are due for release. I posted a few of those items on my instagram. We have some sets in as well. I am based in Florida so the weather is bipolar here. For example, in the morning it will be cold and by the time it’s noon the sun is out and it's hot. I have some clothes that are kind of caring to the colder and warmer side. I have some long sleeved dresses, things of that sort. Just to kind of be a little more versatile when it comes to this Florida weather. 

How do you decide what your new pieces will be?

At first I was looking for items that caught my attention but as a business owner you can’t have such a one track mind. You have to start thinking as if you are the consumer and target audience. I started to do more research and began having polls asking my customers what it is they like and what they are comfortable with. I’m beginning to get a feel for what everyone is really grasping for.

2021 I really have a lot in store for you guys and I am excited for y’all to see. 

What is one trick or tip you learned by being in this line of business? 

I wouldn’t necessarily say that it is a tip or trick but I would say the biggest key to running a successful business is consistency. I have some months that I’ll have 20 orders and others where I may have 50 orders. Regardless of how things are going on in the back end, you keep the show going and you keep things flowing. And eventually it will all work out. My biggest tip is to stay consistent and keep going no matter what. 

What helps you when you’re having bad day of sales?

Whenever I have a bad day I think about a good day I just had. Today is like this but tomorrow can easily be like the good day I just had. I just try not to focus on it because your thoughts and what you think about, you're manifesting certain things. I just manifest and it’s not a recurring cycle for me and I just look forward to the better days and I just keep that in mind. It’s coming, my time is coming. 

What’s a normal day for you like when you’re shipping out orders? 

Being a business owner, you have to know how to make things shake. If I wake up in the morning and I have orders, I’ll get up and before I clock in and then as soon as I go on lunch I’m running to the post office to get everything shipped out or if I’m already at my desk, the second I get a break I am packaging and putting it all together. My biggest thing is getting out my orders as quickly as possible. People love fast shipping. I love receiving things before I’m told it’ll be here. Next thing you know I have a tracking number. Like okay, y’all wasn’t playing [laughs.]

I love to dress, I love fashion, and I also love making others feels good. It just all worked out.

You do a great job already posting yourself and your business on social media do you ever look for new brand ambassadors? 

Starting 2021 I am going to start looking more into ambassadors. I tried it out with getting started and everything is trial and error. I was running into a lot of mishaps like miscommunication or me sending out outfits and the ambassador not actually posting and doing it on their own time. At this point I just have to find a more professional route to take as far as everything being able to be smooth sailing moving forward and I’m not wasting my money, my time, or my clothes. 

Once again, 2021 more brand ambassadors on the way. 

It sounds like big things are in store for you for 2021. You are very business savvy, I can hear it in the way you speak about your business. How hands on and informative are you when it comes to the entrepreneurial side with you being a first time business owner? Did you have someone to show you the ropes of how it should go or was it a learning process along the way? 

When I first started out I did have a business consultant assisting me with getting my business license and all of the documents that came along with that. I figured if I am going to invest in something, I am going to be all in. So I had someone assisting with that but after that everything was a learning experience. I’ve invested in so many courses. You learn as you go, everyday it's something new, you learn something new, you figure this out and it’s a learning process. 

To a beginner in this business, would you suggest to them to go that extra mile and do the research or would you say just throw yourself in?

You learn as you go . You can hold yourself back by saying “I’m doing research, I’m doing research , I’m doing research” and never jump off the front porch because you’re not ready. You’re stuck doing this research that you’ve been doing for the past 6 months to a year. Go for it, no need to procrastinate, stop holding yourself back. You have to start from somewhere. 

How long have you had Amorous Savaj? 

I’ve been in this business for about a year and a 1/2 now. We’ve had a lot of learning to do and I know we still have a long way to go. 

What would you like to see your boutique transpire to? When will you feel like “dang, I really did this?”

I am nowhere near where I want to be just yet. Then goal is to create a consistent customer base. I feel like I haven’t mastered that just yet. But I do see customers from different states that are returning, placing orders and things of that nature. So I am definitely on the right track. But the main thing is to create that consistency and go for my first six figures. I eventually want a storefront. I want to not only be able to ship your clothing to you but also have a place where you can come visit and enjoy the experience.

Where would your idea store front be? Seeing as though we are manifesting queens.

Currently I am 24, I would say by the time I’m 25 I want to at least be in the process of actually beginning the steps of securing a store front. The reason why I am taking a little more time and putting thought into it is because I am kind of from Tampa and I’m  a little torn with the idea of if want to settle down here or do I want to move around. Because I am still young but wherever my store front is, it is going to be somewhere I want to settle down. 

The great thing to know is wherever you go, you will flourish. What else do you want out of life?

Anyone that knows me knows that I’ve always been on the timid side. I was the one that would rather work for you than to work for myself and create a legacy or a foundation that came from me so with me getting the boutique started is a HUGE milestone that I overcame. I’m really excited about that. Its funny that you said that because on my first launch day I had an anxiety attack and it lasted for a week and I’m not exaggerating. That’s how nervous I was.

Now that I am in this world I definitely see myself engaging in other business ventures. It’s starting here but it’s not going to stop here. 

How can people buy  and contribute to your boutique? 

I have a website called amoroussavaj.com. I ship all over, anywhere with no limitations to that. Also if you’re ever in Tampa you can always stop by and pick up your order. I don’t have a physical location yet but of course everything I have online, I have on hand. So if you see it and I got it… come get it. 

How do you want women to feel when they where your clothing, accessories, and swimsuits?

The name itself is a sensual name. That’s how I want everyone to feel when they wear my brand. I want them to feel beautiful, confident, and bold. My motto in 2021 is to stop playing it safe. So I plan to live by that moving forward. That is the goal. We are stepping outside of the box. 

I love it. I am excited to see what you have to come especially with us stepping outside the box in this new year. We can’t wait to see what Amorous Savaj has in store for us.

Amorous Savaj

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