"Having someone to truly listen to you while simply commenting and complementing your brain, your looks, and your presence. To have a man pay attention to something other than my face or my ass… boy did it feel good."



It was your average Wednesday morning. I had on a Nike two-piece jogging suit with Nike tennis shoes to match. My hair was thrown up into a messy bun. One thing about me I always keep my lashes, brows, and nails done so I was still cute. 

I was shopping for lady items at Walgreens. Yeah, it was that time of the month. I swear men will never know our pain. Periods, hormonal changes, pregnancy, labor, and so much more, it doesn’t end for us. But that just proves we’re much stronger than we even know. 

Anyway, back to the story I was grabbing my pack of Kotex pads when I saw a figure out of the corner of my eye walk past. Then he reversed his body and I could see him clearly. Well, almost. He had on a mask, of course. It is 2020, isn’t it? *rolls eyes* that damn Covid.
He backed up and asked me for my name. “Lexington, and yours?” I responded. He said Junior and went on to ask me if he could take me to dinner. As I analyzed his appearance I thought to myself and realized, damn I really need to get out of the house. And he isn’t bad looking. Tall like I like them, brown-skinned, buff but not too buff, dimples, and this one had hair, gorgeous hair. It was brushed back into a sleek bun. 

I liked what I saw. So I told him that he could take my number and we could see about dinner. He did and he was appreciative of just that. A number. 

Less than thirty minutes later I received a text from him asking if I was free tonight to grab dinner, with him. I told him I was free but I needed to go home and freshen up and that I would meet him at whichever restaurant. I live alone, but just in case he was crazy I had to have a getaway car and he wouldn’t have my address.

We decided on Ruth's Chris Steak House. I showered and slipped into a sweetheart shaped, long-sleeved, light brown flowered dress. It complimented my skin so well. I put on my YSL heels to add some oomph to my outfit. I put big voluminous curls in my hair. I put on makeup but not too much. I wanted him to see as much of me as he could. 

I arrived at the restaurant at 6:30 PM and I had to wait about 15 minutes for him. I took into consideration that we are in a busy city. I was in traffic as well… but then that little devil on my right shoulder poked me and said “well he shouldn’t have asked you out if he was going to be late. This was poorly planned. This is why you’re supposed to hate men.” 

I knocked her little red ass right off of me and continued to listen to Brent Faiyaz while I patiently waited. Next thing I know I received a text from him saying he was parked behind me. He pulled up in a 2018 Mercedes- Benz CLA, yes I know my cars. I about shitted myself. It was so clean and the rims were shining bright like a diamond. I was instantly turned on.

He walked over to my car and I got out. We exchanged hugs and up and down looks cause we both looked hella good. We complemented each other so well. Junior had on a baby blue, tailored to perfection suit worn with a pair of loafers. The part that sent me over the water was his scent. He had on Dior Sauvage cologne. I almost melted. This was my favorite scent on men. It just smells like success. I love the smell of success. 

When we walked into the steakhouse all eyes were on us. I’ve never felt so many people staring at one time while showing no remorse. Some of the stares were hoes hating and tooting up their nose while looking away and the others were from their men. Envy of junior for having me on his arm and upset that their girls weren’t stepping like I was. The stares didn’t stop until we were seated. 

He pulled out my chair. What a gentleman, I thought. As I looked up from the table, a dozen roses in a bouquet were placed in front of me. How thoughtful! I screamed, in my head. He looked at me with a calm smile as he squinted his eyes in satisfaction. 

We ended up having a lot to talk about. Not a whole lot in common but we somehow didn’t stop talking until we left the restaurant. When it came time to order he told me to get whatever I wanted. He ordered a bottle of the Pinot Noir. I got the stuffed chicken breast and he got the t bone steak. We laughed and joked and laughed some more. When the check arrived he tipped $50.00 extra. I thought it was pretty heroic of him seeing that waitresses don’t get nearly as much as they should receive. 

By this time I was soaked. We made out for at least thirty minutes straight. His breath was so fresh as if we hadn’t just eaten. His big hands wrapped around my body ad he caressed my back. His charm and sense of touch almost made me lose self-control and my self-respect. Could you blame him though? I am a solid 10. He would be stupid if he didn’t try. I politely declined and told him that we should do dinner again. He agreed and we hugged as we said our good eyes. 

Later that night he texted to make sure I made it home safe and we said our goodnights. In my diary, that night all I could write was “whew, that was a close one.”

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